An email with a link to your AleaTracker™ and your answers is on its way!


    Your 3-Month Tracker

    • If you are using this tracker your child should be under the age of 2, born at 32-36 weeks gestation, and otherwise healthy 
    • Alea works for you as a quarterly (3-month) tracker to collect, collate, and record observations of your child
    • The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that recording your observations combined with periodic developmental screening  improves the identification of developmental delays better than either strategy alone
    • Go to Learn More if you don't understand the difference between tracking and screening 
    • You can SCREEN developmental milestones any time by going HERE using the Survey of Wellbeing in Young Children (SWYC)
    • All links sent to your email by Alea are unique to you for your child; please do not forward 
    • The first time you complete your observations, you will receive an email with a link showing your answers; this usually takes 5-10 minutes; if you don't see your email check your spam box   
    • The link to your answers is good for 90 days and you should print/save a copy of your observations for your records 
    • If you want to track more than one child please request a separate tracker using  different email

    Tracking Observations Over Time

    • You can enter observations as often as you like but answers are only sent once every 24-hours
    • You should update your child's age with each data entry if more than a month has passed
    • Depending on how often you track, prior observation questions (and your answers) will be highlighted. If you see highlighted information you should carefully review it to determine if still accurate and update as needed
    • Each time you enter new observations, your 3-month tracker will update to reflect your entries over time
    • When your tracker expires you can screen your child using the SWYC and request a new one
    • Every email we send you includes a link to unsubscribe at any time

    Inviting Others to Provide Observations

    • Invite other people you trust to provide their observations of your child by inviting them to sign up
    • When a person who is not a parent enters information about a child they will need the parent email and child's first name in order to link their observations to your child
    • You should ask anyone who documents observations about your child to send a copy of their observations to you, so that you have a copy

    Developmental Screening

    • You can SCREEN developmental milestones any time by going HERE using the Survey of Wellbeing in Young Children (SWYC)
    • Parent email is required to link to your account
    • Developmental milestone screening is available for children age 2 months - 5 years.
    • The developmental milestone screening tool scores automatically and provides you with scores
    • All SWYC screening results should include a conversation with your doctor and early education teams