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    Child Health Data for Parents

    Developmental Surveillance

    Care Coordination and Care Continuum Navigation

    Connections to the World's Best Pediatric Care Teams

    Our Passion and Purpose


    • Give parents the tools and data they need to monitor their child's health in collaboration with their care team
    • Create meaningful reports for ease of hand-off and improved safety
    • Ensure that all parents can compare and monitor their child's development against a meaningful benchmark 
    • Help parents understand their care options at a local, regional, national and international level
    • Provide parents with education, information and relevant questions for improved care navigation and care coordination
    • Connect children in need of expert care to the healthcare, early intervention and education, and social resources they need as quickly as possible
    • Identify the world's best care teams, innovators, and experts to introduce to parents and children

    Sharing Wisdom

    "Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do." Dr. Benjamin Spock


    We believe that parents know their children best. We are creating an integrated platform and end-to-end system that helps parents help their child, their family, and their care team. We want parents to understand their options; define their goals, preferences, and needs; and navigate the complexities of the system across both the care and life continuum.


    Our mission is to ensure that all parents, regardless of where they live, have the tools and support they need to be effective, informed advocates for their child.


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    Alea Diagnostics is part of the Winter 2016/Spring 2017 Ground Zero cohort at Launchpad Digital Health.


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  • Stats & Figures

    We let the data speak for itself.


    Number of Boys Born Today Who Will Be Diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy by Age 5


    Number of Children Born Each Day with HLHS (960/year)

    (Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome)


    Average Years to Identify a Rare Disorder in the US


    Children with a Developmental Delay or Disorder


    Number of Children Born Each Day with Down Syndrome (6000/year)


    Number of Children Diagnosed with Autism in the US Each Day (63,235/year)


    Potential Impact of Late/Missed Diagnosis or Delayed/Inappropriate Care

  • Founder

    Passion and Purpose



    Linda Craib is the founder of Alea Diagnostics. She is a neonatal and pediatric critical care RN, an advocate for children with special healthcare needs and medical complexity, and an experienced healthcare consultant and executive. She has first-hand experience with the barriers and overwhelming challenges families face when their children have time-sensitive health conditions.


    Linda currently serves on the Executive Board of Directors at the Institute for Pediatric Innovation in Cambridge, MA and she serves as a family advocate on the American College of Radiology Patient and Family Care Commission. Prior to launching Alea Diagnostics, Linda served as the national leader of children's health for Deloitte Consulting where she worked with healthcare organizations across the nation and the world as they addressed the needs of children and families.


    In addition to her Registered Nursing degree, Linda completed BA in Art History and Studio Art at Mount Holyoke College magna cum laude, and her MBA in Healthcare Management and Leadership at the Yale School of Management with 5 class distinctions.


  • The Story

    A journey to help children and families.

    The Alea Story

    Alea's start can be traced to 1995 when founder Linda Craib's youngest daughter was diagnosed with autism. The struggle to find care, fight the insurance companies, ensure access to appropriate educational services, and care for a child with special needs was overwhelming. Linda, a pediatric RN, made the decision to return to school to complete a degree that would help her fight for families facing similar challenges. As a single mother, it took many years to complete her education.


    In 2010, Alea Diagnostics won the Henry F. McCance Award for entrepreneurship at Yale SOM. The Alea animated short was produced for the company's participation in the Pepsi Refresh campaign that fall, and the company was part of a People Magazine feature in the summer of 2011. Technology necessary to implement the vision was not available without considerable cost and Linda went on to become the national leader of children's health at Deloitte Consulting from 2011-2015.


    In late 2015, Linda left her leadership role at Deloitte and formally launched Alea Diagnostics. The goal has remained steadfast: give parents the tools, data, education, and contacts they need to advocate for their child's health and navigate the complexities of the system. In 2016, Linda's daughter completed her Master's Degree with honor at one of the world's top universities.



    Alea is a Latin word meaning, risk, chance, or a roll of the dice. It is also an abbreviation of the name of Linda's youngest daughter. The art for the Alea video was created by the talented artist Xin-Xin when she was a student at RISD (she is now at IDEO). Our musical composer was Tristan D'Agosta.

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    We welcome interest from qualified investors and partners, especially families.

    We would like to work with impact investors who want to help us achieve our social mission.

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